Whiten Your Smile: 3 Tips for Coffee Drinkers

Teeth Whitening Melville,NYUnless you get an average of eight or more hours of sleep a night and get an afternoon nap every day, you are likely reaching for either a bit more sleep or an extra cup of coffee. Whether you prefer your coffee black, iced, or as a latte, nothing can make you get out of bed quite like that delicious, freshly brewed drink. However, even though coffee can give you the energy needed to get you through the day, it can also wreak damage on your teeth; weakening the enamel and causing them to turn yellow. Luckily, Dr. Dean Glasser has created a list of three easy ways that you can take care of your teeth if you are a coffee drinker. Read on to learn more.

Drink Water With It

Coffee is not only acidic, but it can stain your teeth as well. To help cut down on the time that the coffee has to interact with your teeth, try drinking water with it. Not only will water dilute the acidity but it will help wash the coffee off of your teeth— leaving them whiter in the process.

Use a Whitening Pen

Whitening pens can easily be found at most drugstores, grocery stores, or supercenters on the toothpaste aisle. Filled with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, a whitening pen is a small pen-like device that you can brush your teeth after drinking coffee. As soon as you drink your morning cup of coffee, grab the whitening pen and paint it onto your pearly whites.

Dilute It

If you prefer to drink your coffee black, it is more likely to stain your teeth. However, if you dilute your coffee with cream, milk, or even ice cubes, it breaks down the acidity and the ability for it to cause your teeth. If you don’t like drinking cow's milk or if you are lactose intolerant, consider adding almond, soy, or coconut milk to your coffee instead.

Drinking coffee isn’t just a great way to get you up in the morning, but it can be considered a social activity as well. To help protect your smile from the damaging effects of coffee, try drinking water with it, using a whitening pen afterward, and diluting it. To learn more about these and other dental tips, contact Dr. Dean Glasser today!



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