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Ultimate Precision with the X-Guide 3D Navigation System

When placing a dental implant, there’s no room for guesswork. Control and precision directly relate to successful outcomes. At Implant & General Dentistry of Long Island, Dr. Glasser has added the latest technology to ensure the optimal implant results for his Long Island patients.

It’s called the X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System. Here’s more about this state-of-the-art tool for implant placement.

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What is the X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System?

The X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System is a revolutionary technology that extends our capability to use our cone beam 3D imaging for simplified and more accurate implant procedures. This system allows Dr. Glasser to use all of the 3D digital information we have in real-time when working with a patient. With X-Guide we can scan and place implants with ultimate control and precision. The X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System provides new navigation that you can equate to a sort of GPS system for implant placement and delivery.

What are the benefits of the X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System?

The system gives Dr. Glasser more precision and control over the entire process of placing implants for our patients. This increases the likelihood of successful long-term implant results.

  • Detailed placement — The X-Guide system is built around the latest technology in treatment software. This includes patent-pending X-Point navigation technology that gives Dr. Glasser the first single-view guidance of implant position, angle, and depth. This enables us to provide same-day guided implant surgery. For most patients, the planning formerly would require an extra day.
  • Real-time navigation — The X-Guide system delivers instant, real-time information, right at the chairside. This information gives Dr. Glasser remarkable precision with the drill because the system provides instant feedback on the drill position, angle, and depth. This eliminates any guesswork with the implant placement process.

How does the X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System help with dental implants?

Dr. Glasser brought the X-Guide system to his practice for the precision it adds to our implant procedures. This system improves our processes in these ways:

  • X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System | Dental Implants | Dean Glasser DDSEasy navigation for better control — The patent-pending X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation makes it easy for Dr. Glasser to look at the screen and concentrate on one dynamic focal point to assist in precisely guiding the surgical implant. This improves the function and aesthetic outcomes.
  • Confident planning — The X-Guide features elaborate planning software that facilitates all factors for the ideal implant location. Dr. Glasser can visualize the placement of virtual teeth for better aesthetic planning.
  • Precise placement — The X-Guide’s navigation technology delivers the first, single-view guidance of implant position, angle, and depth. This enables us to provide same-day implant placement for many patients.

What problems can the X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System overcome?

In some cases, implant placement can involve a degree of guesswork on the part of the dentist. Is there sufficient bone mass to support the implant? Is the angle of placement optimum? Is the drilling depth correct? A mistake with any of those areas could lead to a potential failure of the implant to fully integrate into the jawbone.

The X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System features interactive, turn-by-turn guidance that gives Dr. Glasser the ability to improve every movement of the handpiece, both during drilling and subsequent implant placement. We equate the precision of having a GPS system for our drill.

Basically, this system eliminates any guesswork from our dental implant procedures.

What results can I expect from implants placed using the X-Guide system?

X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System | Dental Implants | Dean Glasser DDSDental implants are far and away from the finest option for replacing a single tooth or two, or for use as anchors for bridges or full-arch prostheses. But implants have sometimes been difficult to place for patients with insufficient bone mass. This loss of bone mass was usually because of jawbone deterioration due to the patients missing a few teeth for a period of time.

Placing dental implants in these patients has involved some guesswork if the bone mass would be sufficient to hold the implant successfully. Bone grafting could be used to build bone mass, but this adds more time to the patient’s implant process. The goal is to place the implant in the optimum site and at the optimum angle and depth.

That is exactly what Dr. Glasser can do with confidence thanks to the new X-Guide technology. Dental implants have always been the most successful dental prosthetic, but with this new level of precision, they are virtually a sure bet. This means that patients can enjoy their successful dental implant knowing it will fully integrate into the jawbone and likely last the remainder of their lives.

Does the X-Guide system create any extra pain?

This is a state-of-the-art 3D navigation system. The X-Guide system helps ensure the precision and control to enable the perfect placement of the implant base. There is no pain involved in the system.

Does the X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System make implant placement safer?

As mentioned above, the only problem with dental implants is if they are placed into an area with insufficient bone mass to adequately support the implant. In these cases, the implant can loosen and fail. The patient would then need to start the process all over again, with the likely addition of bone grafting.

We feel the X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System improves our accuracy and control and that improves implant success. By basically mapping out the locations and precisely guiding the drill and implant delivery, Dr. Glasser can be completely confident he is placing your implant in the correct position, at the right angle, and to the perfect depth.

That equates to better outcomes for our patients.

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