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Bone grafting is a regenerative treatment option for patients who have lost quality and quantity of supporting bone tissue as a result of periodontal disease. This procedure is often needed before dental implants can be placed and also helps protect the teeth from bacteria, trauma and further degeneration.

The Bone Graft Procedure

The aesthetics of the results cannot always be guaranteed, especially if the patient has had previous fillings with tooth-colored ceramics. In these cases, alternate methods of whitening my need to be implemented. Over-whitening, also called hyperodonto-oxidation, can occur if too much peroxide is utilized over too short of a period of time. Finally, patients who have overly sensitive teeth are at risk for post-procedural discomfort even more so than the average patient.

The graft used during this procedure may come from:

  • The patient's own body
  • A cadaver bone
  • Cow bone
  • Synthetic material

The most effective results are often achieved by using the patient's own bone.

Recovery After a Bone Graft

After the bone graft procedure, patients may experience swelling and pain for several days. It is important for patients to keep their mouth as clean as possible while the bone graft heals. You will be asked to return to your periodontist's office in about seven to 10 days so that your mouth can be evaluated to ensure proper healing.

Over time, new bone and soft tissue will develop in the treated area to help firmly reattach the tooth to the jaw, significantly reducing the patient's risk of tooth loss and reversing the effects of periodontal disease.

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My family and I have been using Dr. Glasser for 30 years. He is the best! He is a professional through and through as well a great guy. He's honest, ethical & always has his patients best interest at heart. He did an excellent job on my implants and caps I could not have gotten a better more beautiful new set of teeth any where else. - Richard G.

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