Myths About Geriatric Dentistry

Geriatric Dentistry Melville, NYOh, the Internet. Although the internet is filled with wonderful, helpful information, unless it’s coming from a source like our blog, it may not be something you can necessarily trust— especially when it comes to your physical or oral health. If you have been scouring the Internet in hopes of finding information on geriatric dentistry, you may have come across a few myths on the way including the following.

Myth: Dry Mouth Is Another Part of Aging

There are some things that are considered to be a normal part of the aging process and some that aren’t. If you suffer from the chronic dry mouth and can’t seem to drink enough water to keep your mouth moist, this may be indicative of an underlying issue. Many elderly patients get dry mouth due to some of the medications they are on, but it isn’t a normal part of aging. By getting an oral exam by Dr. Dean Glasser, he can help pinpoint what is contributing to your dry mouth so that you can find relief.

Myth: Tooth Loss Is Normal

Although tooth loss is more common amongst the elderly, it’s not normal. The most common form of tooth loss in elderly individuals is linked to periodontal disease which can most commonly be prevented by dental hygiene like regular dental cleanings, and daily brushing and flossing. Elderly patients with dementia or Alzheimer's are at an increased risk for periodontal disease or tooth loss due to the lack of basic hygiene.

Myth: Seniors Have Bad Breath

Unless you just went to town on a garlic burger, bad breath is typically a sign that you have an oral infection. If you notice that your breath is getting worse the older you get, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dean Glasser, and we will get to the root of the problem so that you don't have to worry about this inconvenience anymore.

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My family and I have been using Dr. Glasser for 30 years. He is the best! He is a professional through and through as well a great guy. He's honest, ethical & always has his patients best interest at heart. He did an excellent job on my implants and caps I could not have gotten a better more beautiful new set of teeth any where else. - Richard G.

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