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Welcome Dr. Renee Glasser to Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island!

May. 15 2020

At Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island, we have some exciting news to share with our dental family! Dr. Renee Glasser, Dr. Dean Glasser’s daughter, is now a part of our team! Dr. Renee Glasser grew up here in Melville, NY with her family and graduated from Half Hollow Hills High School East. After graduating high school, she moved on to receive her Bachelor of Science in Biology from SUNY Stony Brook University.

Dr. Renee Glasser then received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine and also served as the Vice President of the American Student Dental Association Stony Brook Chapter. During this time, she provided dental care to local and abroad communities that were heavily underserved. Her energy spent in this endeavor led her to receive the International College of Dentists Student Leadership Award. Dr. Renee Glasser was then trained in all aspects of the dental field during her residency in General Practice Dentistry at North Shore University Hospital, receiving additional education and training in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services and techniques.

Dr. Renee Glasser has become a part of the team at the Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island, and is excited to work alongside her father to become an experienced and respected dental professional in her community. She looks forward to meeting you and your family and providing the best possible care available to all who enter our doors!

Ready to work with our team of professionals at Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island?

Now is the time to connect with the father and daughter team of Drs. Dean and Renee Glasser at our facility located at 458 Old Country Road in Melville, NY. Call (631) 423-6767 to schedule a consultation appointment and learn more about all we have to offer in our state-of-the-art dental facility!

CAT Scan and Airway Analysis

Feb. 14 2020

When it comes to dentistry, there is more to care than just crowns, fillings, and cleanings. Dr. Dean Glasser of Melville, NY’s Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island is here to help patients achieve the best possible results from their smile—and address common problems such as obstructive sleep apnea.

Dr. Dean Glasser explains obstructive sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that can be addressed with dental interventions. Our practice utilizes some of the latest technologies to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea and provide a thorough evaluation. When patients have small or obstructed airways, they may be at a higher risk of developing obstructive sleep apnea. Using a CAT scan, which stands for “Computer Assisted Tomography,” the dentist can get a clear, three-dimensional view of the patient’s mouth and airways. This allows him to detect specific concerns that may need to be addressed with dental intervention. Not only can it be used to evaluate the teeth, gums, and bone to check for decay, disease, or damage, it can also offer a way for the dentist to check airways. Since the many structures of the mouth can be evaluated with this method, our dentist can use them in a variety of situations. Additionally, these images can be used when Dr. Dean Glasser is evaluating the health of the bone and the location of the sinuses prior to placing restorations such as dental implants.

Do I have obstructive sleep apnea?

Patients who have some of the following symptoms may want to speak to our team about undergoing CAT scans and airway analysis:

  • Daily fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Snoring
  • Dry mouth upon wakening
  • Gasping for breath at night
  • Headaches and migraines

Learn more about CAT scans and airway analysis

If you live in or around the area of Melville, NY, and are ready to work with a team of professionals to learn more about obstructive sleep apnea, consider Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island. Dr. Dean Glasser and his team are dedicated to assisting patients in the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea to improve their overall quality of life. Call (631) 423-6767 today to schedule your appointment at 458 Old Country Road.

Using the Tap 3 Appliance for snoring and sleep apnea

Jan. 15 2020

At the practice of Dr. Dean Glasser, patients can obtain general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services. Additionally, patients with conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea or chronic snoring may also benefit from a visit to his practice. This is because he proudly offers treatment with the use of a special oral appliance called the Tap 3 Appliance.

Understanding the Tap 3 Appliance

Dr. Dean Glasser describes the Tap 3 Appliance as a mandibular advancement device. TAP stands for Thornton Adjustable Positioner. This custom-made appliance is created to snap in place over the upper and lower arch of teeth like a sports mouthguard or an orthodontic retailer. It can hold the jaw forward and keep the tongue and soft tissues in the throat from collapsing into the airway and causing problems such as snoring and sleep apnea. The appliance is designed to not only be effective but to be comfortable to wear as well.

What are the benefits of the Tap 3 Appliance?

Oral appliances such as these are often available through dental facilities in the area. However, the Tap 3 appliance is different than the rest. This oral device is:

• Comfortable to wear

• Easy to adjust over time

• Provides precision control of the jaw alignment

• Patient-friendly

• Effective when worn regularly

• Simple to create for proper fit and function

• Easy to care for and clean

Why wear the Tap 3 Appliance?

Patients who struggle with obstructive sleep apnea will find that they do not feel well-rested the following morning. This is because blockages are happening sometimes hundreds of times in one night, keeping patients from reaching the restorative levels of sleep needed to feel their best each day. By wearing an oral appliance, the airways can be maintained and patients can get a great night’s rest!

Interested in learning more about the Tap 3 Appliance?

Contact Dr. Dean Glasser and the team at Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island to discuss this solution with our area professional. The practice can be reached by calling (631) 423-6767 and visiting at 458 Old Country Road.

How to safely whiten your smile with your Melville, NY dentist

Dec. 15 2019

Teeth Whitening Mellville NYThere are many reasons why patients may experience staining and discoloration of their natural teeth. Oftentimes, habits such as tobacco use may be to blame, or continued consumption of dark beverages such as red wines and coffee. Fortunately, at Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island, patients in the area of Melville, NY can obtain teeth whitening solutions that can brighten their smile and combat these surface stains. Patients can feel at ease when they have targeted the cause of their discoloration and found an effective solution to bring the brilliance back!

Teeth whitening options available with a dentist

One way to quickly address staining and discoloration is with teeth whitening solutions available at Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island. Dr. Dean Glasser is pleased to offer two varieties, including take-home whitening kits and in-office power bleaching. In-office methods of whitening are monitored and performed by our dental staff, ensuring patients see noticeable results. Our take-home whitening kits are also reliable, and allow patients to brighten their smile in the comfort of their own home. Patients wear the trays for a specific period of time each night with the doctor-supplied bleaching gel to gradually improve their smile.

Ways to keep the smile clean

In addition to working with a dentist to brighten the smile, patients can also take certain steps at home to ensure they are maintaining the brilliance of their teeth. Below are just a few ways in which patients can improve their smile’s appearance and address staining and discoloration:

  • Have the teeth cleaned on a regular basis. In addition to brushing and flossing after every meal, patients should visit Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island for a full evaluation and thorough cleaning by one of our dental hygienists. This can remove many surface stains.
  • Watch what you eat. Certain foods and beverages can stain the teeth, so eating these foods and drinking these beverages in moderation is highly recommended to reduce discoloration.
  • Use whitening toothpaste. After whitening the smile with the dentist, many patients can maintain the results by using a whitening toothpaste. These will not provide dramatic results, but can complement any whitening option recommended by Dr. Dean Glasser.

Learn more about teeth whitening options

Call Dr. Dean Glasser of Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island today to schedule a consultation visit. Melville, NY area patients can call (631) 423-6767 and visit the office at 458 Old Country Road. New and existing patients are welcome.

What Factors Are Taken into Consideration before Placing a Dental Implant?

Nov. 15 2019

Implant Dentistry Long Island, NYA desirable solution to missing teeth is that of dental implants. Patients in the Melville, NY area who are interested in obtaining dental implants will want to work with a dentist who can evaluate them for candidacy. There are several factors that Dr. Dean Glasser of Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island needs to consider before determining if a patient can benefit from this particular restoration.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a dental restoration that is made of titanium and looks like a small post or screw. A dentist will insert this implant into the space where a tooth is missing. The bone around the implant grows through a process called osseointegration. This process ensures the implant can stay firmly in place. The implant acts as a natural tooth root. The dentist then restores the top of the implant with a crown, bridge, or denture based on the patient’s unique situation and specific needs.

What factors are considered when determining candidacy for dental implants?

While dental implants are popular, not everyone is considered a viable candidate for them. Dental implants require patients to:

  • Have sufficient bone structure. The jaw bone that holds teeth in place must be strong, healthy, and sufficient to support the dental implant. While bone growth occurs after placement, there needs to be enough bone for the process to start. Some patients consider bone grafting to build up the jaw bone and prepare for the placement of a dental implant.
  • Have a healthy smile. Conditions such as periodontal disease can cause the bone of the jaw to shrink, which puts dental implants at risk of being unsuccessful in the long-term. Patients considering dental implants need to be serious about their oral health and have a smile free from decay and disease.
  • Take care of the smile afterwards. Once dental implants are in place, they can still be lost if patients do not care for their smile as they should. Patients should book routine visits with their dentist to monitor their dental implants and overall health, and should brush and floss as directed to keep teeth and gums clean.

Considering dental implants?

Speak to Dr. Dean Glasser of Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island today to learn more about these preferred restorations for patients who have lost one or more teeth within the smile. Our team is here to assist those in and around the community of Melville, NY with their general, cosmetic, and restorative dental needs. Call (631) 423-6767 to schedule your visit.

I Chipped a Tooth! Now What Do I Do?

Oct. 15 2019

Various conditions can result in a tooth becoming damaged. In most situations, injuries to the mouth can cause a tooth to become cracked or chipped. As soon as this happens, it is essential that patients in the Melville, NY area seek dental assistance as soon as possible.

What should I do if I chip a tooth?

Regardless of how the tooth became chipped, patients need to schedule an appointment as soon as possible with their dentist. Dr. Dean Glasser of Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island is pleased to offer restorative care for patients in the community. Patients undergo an evaluation, and the options for restoring their tooth are explored.

How can a dentist fix a chipped tooth?

Chipped teeth can occur to anyone. Fortunately, there are several ways in which a dentist can repair this concern. Below are just a few options that a patient may consider for restoration of their natural tooth:

  • Composite resin bonding – dental bonding is a fast and popular choice for patients who want to quickly address their chipped tooth. The material works best near the front of the smile on the anterior teeth. This clay-like material is administered onto the tooth, hardened with a curing light, and polished to look just like natural tooth enamel.
  • Porcelain veneers – as an alternative to composite resin bonding on the front teeth, patients may choose porcelain veneers instead. Veneers are thin, ceramic facings that are fabricated to cover the front of a tooth to change its overall appearance. This restoration also covers imperfections such as breakage.
  • Dental crown – teeth near the back of the mouth are better suited for the placement of a dental crown. This porcelain restoration covers the entire visible portion of the tooth. The dentist fabricates the crown to match the existing teeth to ensure the restoration provides seamless integration.

Visit Melville, NY area practice for assistance with chipped teeth

If you are in a situation where you need to repair one or more teeth, Dr. Dean Glasser encourages you to book an appointment with him at his practice, Implant and General Dentistry of Long Island. New and existing patients can call (631) 423-6767 today and visit at 458 Old Country Road.

Back to School Dental Tips for Your Kids

Sep. 15 2019

It's time for newly sharpened pencils, brand new book bags, and fresh new sneakers. In addition to getting your child new school supplies for school, don't forget about their oral health. Before the school bus rolls around to pick up your little one for their first day of school, we have a few back to school tips to help keep your child's smile healthy and cavity-free all school year long.

Get a Dental Cleaning

Getting your kid in for a dental cleaning before the school year starts is ideal because then you don't have to worry about it interfering with their busy school and after school schedule. If you forgot to squeeze them in, though, don't worry; there's still time to do it now before the year picks up and things get hectic.

Pick Out Healthy Snacks

Kids love to snack, but the snacks that kids typically choose aren't necessarily good for their teeth. Go to the grocery store with your kids and let them choose some snacks that are good for their oral health like apple slices, carrots, almonds, and string cheese.

Get Into a Toothbrush Schedule

The hardest part for kids when they go back to school is getting back into a schedule. Not only do they have a new homework and bedtime schedule, but make sure that they are brushing their teeth as part of their schedule as well. Get them into the habit of brushing before school, right when they get home from school, and before bed every night.

Get a New Toothbrush

New school clothes and supplies are fun but don't forget to get them a new toothbrush. If they come into our office for a cleaning, they will get a free one to take home with them, but if not, then let them choose a new one out at the grocery store.

Heading into the school year with a clean and healthy mouth is a great way to get off on the right foot. To schedule your child's dental cleaning, contact our Melville office at (631) 423-6767.

What to Know About Nicotine and Your Smile

Aug. 15 2019

Smoking is one of the hardest addictions to quit; especially because it can be such a social thing. In addition to causing lung cancer and heart disease, however, nicotine is notorious for causing a host of other issues including oral health problems. From gingivitis to cavities, let’s take a closer look at a few issues that nicotine can cause.


Gingivitis or gum diseases is one of the most common oral conditions that we see patients for. Typically, patients get gum disease when they don’t take good care of their teeth and brush along the gumline. However, patients who use nicotine are way more susceptible to getting it. Nicotine causes bio-film (a thick, sticky substance) to form along the gumline which can cause bacteria to build up and results in gum disease.

Oral Cancer

The most severe thing that nicotine can cause (orally) is oral cancer. There are several types of oral cancer, including cancer of the cheek, tongue, and throat. Although it can be easily treated if it’s caught early on, it’s not something that we want any of our patients to have to endure.


Another thing that patients who use nicotine are prone to getting is cavities. Cavities are the most common oral issue that we see patients for. Similar to how nicotine causes gingivitis, that same biofilm can result in cavities. Plus, nicotine causes dry mouth, which can also lead to cavities.

Quitting smoking can literally save your life and your oral health. To help prevent your chances of oral health issues, schedule your next cleaning with us at our Melville office and call us at  (631) 423-6767.

3 Tips to Keep Your Mouth Bacteria-Free

Jul. 15 2019

Whether you like it or not, bacteria and germs are all around us. Even though you can’t prevent yourself from breathing in airborne germs and bacteria every day, there are a few other ways that you can avoid having extra bacteria in your mouth. And because of a cold or other illness is the last thing that you want to get during the summer, we have a few tips to help you out.

Don’t Share Toothpaste

One of the quickest ways to spread germs and bacteria is to share toothpaste with people. If you think about it, when you touch the tip of the toothpaste tube against your toothbrush, and then you use that same tube on other people in your family, it will just spread germs from one person to the next. If you have it in your budget, try to get everyone their own tube of toothpaste; that way, germs only stay with the carrier and don’t spread to everyone else.

Watch Where You Put Your Toothbrush

Where do you keep your toothbrush? Are You the type of person who leaves it on the countertop after you brush? Do you have little kids who leave their toothbrush on the floor next to their toys? All of these places have dirt, germs, and bacteria that can hop on your toothbrush and make you sick or cause oral bacteria. Try to get into the habit of putting your toothbrush in a spot like a toothbrush holder after you use it every time. If you share a folder with other members of your family, make sure that your bristles don't touch.

Boil Your Toothbrush

We encourage patients to get a new toothbrush every three months on average or if your bristles start to wear down before then. To help you combat germs that are on your toothbrush, try soaking your toothbrush in boiling water. Or, you can even dip it in a pot of boiling water and boil it for a few minutes.

Use these basic tips to help avoid spreading bacteria and germs among your family members. Are you ready to schedule your next dental cleaning? Contact our Melville office today and call us at (631) 423-6767.

How to Maintain Your White Teeth While Traveling

Jun. 15 2019
Teeth Whitening Melville,NY

Whether you are traveling close by or somewhere far away this summer, make sure that you continue to take good care of your teeth. Not only should you try to brush at least twice a day and drink more water, but you should also make sure that you don’t come home with teeth that are a little yellower than you started with. So, what are some ways that you can whiten your teeth while traveling? Let’s take a closer look.

Get them whitened before

The first thing that you should do is start your trip out on the right foot and get your teeth professionally whitened before you hit the open road. Here at our office, we use in-office bleach which will help give you a whiter smile in just one or two sessions. The great thing about getting your teeth to whitened before you go out of town is that you won’t only look good in pictures, but the only thing that you will have to do afterward is maintaining them.

Use a whitening pen

Whitening pens are great because you can use them without a mirror and while on the go. We encourage patients to use whitening pens multiple times a day. For instance, if you just had a cup of coffee, you can rinse your mouth with water and then use the whitening pen to help prevent stains. The great thing about these is tha you don’t have to go back to your hotel room to get the job done; in fact, you can do all of the touristy stuff that you want!

Use whitening toothpaste

Once you have done all of the sightseeing and are back at your hotel, use a whitening toothpaste to get off any stains that you couldn’t get off with a whitening pen alone. The combination of your abrasive toothbrush and the hydrogen peroxide in your toothpaste will help to get rid of any surface stains.

Come back from vacation with white, bright teeth by using these tips. To learn some more, contact our Melville office and call (631) 423-6767.

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My family and I have been using Dr. Glasser for 30 years. He is the best! He is a professional through and through as well a great guy. He's honest, ethical & always has his patients best interest at heart. He did an excellent job on my implants and caps I could not have gotten a better more beautiful new set of teeth any where else. - Richard G.

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